New Arrivals – Ben Sherman

We’re happy to introduce Ben Sherman to Jaisel for Spring/Summer 2016. Classic British style with a modern twist. We’ve got a wide selection of short sleeve button-ups, classic Oxford shirts, and blazers.   Twitter: @JaiselEdmonton | Facebook: JaiselEdmonton | Subscribe: Jaisel

Matinique Fall Stock

We’re always excited when new items arrive from Matinique. One of the most reliable menswear brands, Matinique always delivers high quality and style. We have many new printed long sleeve button-ups, beautiful tweed blazers, and warm cable knit sweaters to keep you warm in the cool fall air. Twitter: @JaiselEdmonton | Facebook: JaiselEdmonton | Subscribe: Jaisel

Your Levi’s Commuter Series

This great series by Levi’s has many stores in Canada scrambling to keep up stock levels, and many folks scratching their heads looking for a retailer. With the largest collection and variety of Levi’s Commuter Series products in Edmonton, Jaisel has your fit, colour, and style. Located in the heart of historic Old Strathcona, cyclists […]

Spring RVLT – Jackets and more

Light, versatile, and built for cooler weather, RVLT’s spring jackets are built for casual days without leaving you too relaxed and out of place. RVLT provides classic looks and designs with quaint modern touches on old favorites like their windbreakers, and bomber jackets. Their canvas hooded jackets are by far the best solution to a […]

New Levi’s Commuters

Has it really been 6 years?! The Levi’s Commuter series continues to bring you excellent function, comfort, and durability to their products. Designed for and by cyclists, this Levi’s collection will keep you clean, dry, and fashionable for any occasion. With such versatility the Levi’s Commuter series applies to more than the cyclist’s commute, and can hold […]

Levi’s Commuter – What’s Your Ride Like?

Levi's Commuter - What's Your Ride Like?

  Dear Edmontonians, Albertans – Canadians! – we here at Jaisel want to know how your ride with your Levi’s Commuter Series products. Do you skateboard, cycle, walk the slippery pavement of Edmonton with an intoxicated brain off comfort and durability?! Well, we want to know. Jaisel has been carrying the Commuter Series for a […]

Our Newest Brand – Onassis

With quality Italian fabrics and modern New York designed products, Onassis Clothing brings to Edmonton an innovative take on traditional menswear. Situated in the heart of Soho, Onassis Clothing brings high-end materials and design to a consumer-conscience price, offering you the best of both worlds to the centre of Old Strathcona. With a varied selection […]

Fjallraven – Winter 2014

Thanks to  Åke Nordin, Sweden’s Fjallraven products (or “Arctic Fox”) Jaisel is carrying high quality backpacks and jackets for the everyday, but also for the extreme. Reliable, comfortable, and well made, Fjallraven brings classic design and colour schemes to outdoor apparel. Knowing Edmonton’s precarious winters, snow can change to rain to sleet in the course of […]

RVLT – Winter Jackets 2014

Bringing aspects of the fresh and new to classic designs and styles, RVLT Clothing harnesses urban and contemporary street wear for the everyday. Their winter jackets are simple, yet sleek in their fabric, cut, and colours. RVLT winter jackets come with 3M Thinsulate insulation to maintain that you stay warm without all the unnecessary bulk. […]


Jaisel is happy to welcome Penfield to the store for the first time.   Known for high-quality outdoor wear, Penfield down-filled product has consistently set new standards within the outdoor industry. From vests… …to jackets… …to parkas…   …Penfield outerwear is perfectly suited to handle a cold Edmonton winter.   Established in Hudson, Massachusetts in 1975, Penfield […]

Naked&Famous – September Fall Arrivals

As an outstanding producer of Canadian-made apparel, Naked and Famous Denim provides denim, shirts, jackets, and leather goods of quality materials for a quality price. Year after year their denim designs and materials surprise, offering new and exciting products for an evolving and hungry market. As a staple of Jaisel’s inventory, Naked and Famous products […]

Fall Matinique Arrivals

With the changing of seasons, Matinique brings back Autumn colours, textures, and materials for our new arrivals. With some classic, yet bold, blazers featuring peppered black-and-white and soft-plaid wool blends, these jackets are neither too thick or thin for a brisk chilly wind. The blazers feature refined and subtle patterns, narrow lapels, two front flap pockets […]


Zaerobe’s fall stock has arrived at Jaisel, and not a moment too soon! Based out of Sydney, Australia, Zanerobe has been on the forefront of men’s fashion for a decade. A consistent commitment to quality and style have helped make Zanerobe apparel a must have in any man’s closet. Do yourself a favor and come […]

LEVI’S COMMUTER – 2014 Series

Now into their 5th year, the Levi’s Commuter series continues to bring you excellent function, comfort, and durability to their products. Designed for and by cyclists, this Levi’s collection will keep you clean, dry, and fashionable for any occasion. With such versatility the Levi’s Commuter series applies to more than the cyclist’s commute, and can hold […]

Summer Weddings – Matinique Suiting

Through the spring rain, wedding season is upon us and the pressure mounts for a well-tailored and sharp appearance. Whether you are going to a very formal wedding – or simply strive to look your sharpest – or a more casual wedding this summer, Matinique has you literally covered for whichever occasion you will be attending. […]

Thin Enough For Summer

RVLT jackets are lightweight, thin, and perfect for travelling. With increasingly hot afternoons – yet the persistence of cool nights – light jackets that can keep the rain off  our tumultuous weather are the perfect remedy to the unreliable weather reporter. With the perfect amount of pockets, these versatile jackets are excellent for the lake, […]

Short Sleeves or No Sleeves

With the arrival of hot weather heavy jackets can become a burden once the sun reaches its full potential in Edmonton’s dry prairie heat. For moments like these Levi’s has you covered. If your are having a hard time departing with your worn-in denim jacket this summer, but do not want to give up the […]

Vanishing Elephant – Linen Shirts

In hot prairie heat, breath-ability is paramount to a good long-sleeved shirt in order to stay cool, yet well dressed, this season. Established in Sydney, Australia in 2008, Vanishing Elephant offers classic menswear with a modern take. As a 2010 winner of GQ’s Designer of the Year award, Vanishing Elephant offers built-to-last men’s clothing in […]

Denim-heads Rejoice!

Claiming their rightful places in the Denim World, Nudie Jeans Co., Naked&Famous, and Levi Strauss & Co. have made a few tweaks to enhance their already great products. If you thought there wasn’t much of an interesting direction that denim could take, then you either have not experienced a pair of Naked&Famous, or you have not come across Levi’s new Commuter […]

Zanerobe – Spring 2014

Created and designed across the Pacific in Sydney, Australia, Zanerobe provides Canadians, with comfort and style for our dry and, at times, hot prairie weather. With relaxed and yet well-fitted designs, Zanerobe will lend you a helping hand in remaining casual this season. With increasing popularity across our westward waters, Zanerobe’s famous drop-crotch Jogger Pant Sureshot […]

Kai-aakmann Winter-Ready Wool

Korean brand Kai-aakmann, know how to merge slick-styles with warmth and comfort. Bridging formality with the casual, Kai-aakmann brings Edmonton well-tailored designs that are perfect for our northern urban climate. From across the Pacific, Kai-aakmann delivers once again. In their new winter collection, Kai-aakmann keeps you warm with their soft-wool grey and navy blazers. If […]

Fjallraven Parkas –

Dedicated to timeless, durable, and comfortable outdoor equipment and clothing, Sweden’s Fjallraven sets its own high standards when it comes to protecting humans from the frigid northern temperatures they inhabit. Developed after the 1966 Greenland Expedition, Ake Nordin took outdoor clothing to heart creating the G-1000 fabric used in almost every Fjallraven jacket and backpack. […]

Spiewak Outerwear – Winter 2013

Winter holds the best time of year to make a worthy investment in one’s clothing, but it also holds a time for difficult decisions. With our winter season sometimes spanning eight to six months of the year, a warm and well made jacket can mean the difference between a happy eight to six months… or […]

Walk the Walk – New Matinique Suiting

A well fitted suit or blazer shows the world that you, as a gentleman and a scholar, mean and execute every action you make with precision and reason. Whether for business or pleasure, a suit or jacket that hangs off one’s body perfectly can make a man feeling as comfortable as he is confident in […]