Fall Fjallraven is Here

Just in time for back to school, Jaisel just got a huge shipment of Fjallraven bags and backpacks. Kankens (both 15″ and 17″), Kanken No. 2, Rucksacks, and Foldsacks in all the colours of the rainbow (and more)!   In addition, we also have some sturdy plaid flannels, available in Slim Fit and Comfort Fit. […]

Fiveleft Leather Wallets

Based in Vancouver, Fiveleft creates unique, hand-crafted leather goods that age beautifully. We’ve expanded our inventory with new fold wallets and pop up cardholders. Check out their site at for more info, or pop in to Jaisel to see for yourself. Twitter: @JaiselEdmonton | Facebook: JaiselEdmonton | Subscribe: Jaisel

DOSH Wallets Back at Jaisel

Dosh wallets are back, and we’re pretty stoked about it. A great alternative to the traditional leather wallet, Dosh wallets are durable, soft, and 100% recyclable. Made from a patented combination of flexible polymer, these Australian-made wallets are hard wearing and water resistant to ensure the protection of all your valuables. Available in many styles and […]

Fjallraven – Winter 2014

Thanks to  Åke Nordin, Sweden’s Fjallraven products (or “Arctic Fox”) Jaisel is carrying high quality backpacks and jackets for the everyday, but also for the extreme. Reliable, comfortable, and well made, Fjallraven brings classic design and colour schemes to outdoor apparel. Knowing Edmonton’s precarious winters, snow can change to rain to sleet in the course of […]

Fall Matinique Arrivals

With the changing of seasons, Matinique brings back Autumn colours, textures, and materials for our new arrivals. With some classic, yet bold, blazers featuring peppered black-and-white and soft-plaid wool blends, these jackets are neither too thick or thin for a brisk chilly wind. The blazers feature refined and subtle patterns, narrow lapels, two front flap pockets […]

DIBI Ties for Fall 2014

As a great new staple at Jaisel, DIBI brings great styles and designs to their many neckties, bowties, and tie bars, offering a range of interesting and creative to classic and traditional. With affordable great designs and materials, DIBI also presents high quality neckties and bowties made in the United States of America, and of […]

DIBI Ties & Accessories

DIBI is an established tie and accessory company that emphasizes its commitment to a worthwhile cause, by providing school supplies to rural communities throughout the world. Seeking to strengthen education AND style worldwide, DIBI promotes individuality among customers and encourages them to reveal a little about themselves while wearing DIBI. This lifestyle-driven company holds itself […]

Long, Hot Summer Nights

With persistently warm temperatures throughout our longest days of the year – and shortest nights of the year – dressing appropriately for the weather will leave you comfortable and relaxed. With only a short season of hot sun, embrace the rays with our fine selection of short-sleeved shirts, shorts, and UV protected sunglasses. Jaisel’s newest […]

Summer Weddings – Matinique Suiting

Through the spring rain, wedding season is upon us and the pressure mounts for a well-tailored and sharp appearance. Whether you are going to a very formal wedding – or simply strive to look your sharpest – or a more casual wedding this summer, Matinique has you literally covered for whichever occasion you will be attending. […]

Vancouver Has Fiveleft and So Do We

Using only vegetable tanned leather for all their products, Fiveleft Leather is entirely hand made in their Vancouver studio. Soaked in a mimosa extract, this leather is treated in an environmentally responsible and friendly way. Their unique and intricate designs for each of their products are completely done by hand, and all impressions are done […]

Made in Italy – SUPER Sunglasses

Founded in Italy in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman, Super by RetoSuperFuture, are an impeccable, high quality, well made Italian sunglasses company that offers an outstanding variety of designs.  Bold, interesting, and yet simple frames allow Super to retain a classic yet innovative and hip style. By using high quality materials, and high quality craftsmanship, Super sunglasses does […]

The Male Accessory Essentials – SUPER sunglasses and Brave belts

Before our product-orders take a vacation this holiday season, Jaisel has received some valuable holiday items. RetroSuperFuture sunglasses from Italy, and the tried-and-true Brave belts from right here in Canada. After a long hiatus, sunglasses have returned to Jaisel with the introduction of the hand made Italian RetroSuperFuture sunglasses. Coming in two distinct styles and […]

Fjallraven Parkas –

Dedicated to timeless, durable, and comfortable outdoor equipment and clothing, Sweden’s Fjallraven sets its own high standards when it comes to protecting humans from the frigid northern temperatures they inhabit. Developed after the 1966 Greenland Expedition, Ake Nordin took outdoor clothing to heart creating the G-1000 fabric used in almost every Fjallraven jacket and backpack. […]

DIBI Bowties and Tie Bars

After being pleasantly teased by Dibi‘s colourful spring collection of ties, Jaisel has finally received a stellar assortment of fun and exciting bowties, handkerchiefs, and tie bars for your first enjoyable days of summer. Dibi‘s bowties, which bear the same patterns and textures as their tie selection, come in both pre-tied bows for those becoming acquainted with […]

DIBI Spring Ties

With great success last season carrying our new brand DIBI, Jaisel has just received a great new shipment that not only varies in colour, but has a vast array of interesting fabrics and patterns. While trying to display your individuality amoungst The Crowd, be bold and try one of our fleur-de-lis, or psychedelic patterned ties. […]

Brave Canadian Leather Belts

Jasiel is always glad to support Canadian businesses, and Canadians who work hard make an impact. Brave Leather is a Made In Canada Toronto business that produces environmentally friendly vegetable-tanned Canadian leather belts. Their products are fabricated by Canadians, but produced for the world, maintaining Canada’s image of a producer of quality goods with a […]

FIVELEFT WALLETS – Made in Vancouver

Buying Canadian never felt so good with Fiveleft leathergoods, coming at you straight from Vancouver, BC. Jaisel has been proud to support Canadian manufacturing by feeling the positive effects of carrying quality, well designed, and Canadian goods. Fiveleft leather products are created by hand in Vancouver using leather from a family run tannery in the […]

RICHER POORER – LA Designs to Edmonton Streets

With the little time Edmontonians have to show off their exposed ankles, spice it up with some fun and vibrant socks that mimic the changing weather. If winter had you down – and now what looks like an extended one with our current weather – give your wardrobe some colour, and bring a little life […]

HAPPY SOCKS – Spring Collection

We can all be Happy about Socks! A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet. The foot is among the heaviest producers of sweat in the body, as it is able to produce over 1 US pint (0.47 l) of perspiration per day. Socks help to absorb this sweat and draw it […]

MATINIQUE – Spring Ties and Shirts

Jaisel’s first shipment of Matinique shirts, ties, slacks, and sweaters have arrived to prepare you for the next four months of winter in Edmonton. As a proven solid and reliable brand, Matinique never ceases to maintain its “go-to” style for those looking to stay sharp. We have received both more casual and their traditional slick […]

DIBI – New Ties and Tie Bars

New to Jaisel’s stock of amazing male accessories we have added DIBI to our collection of TIES, BOWTIES, and TIE BARS. We have some slick new knits, bold coloured plaids, and funky bows. If you are in need of a quick new Christmas tie, DIBI and Jaisel have what you need to stay classy. Don’t forget the eggnog! […]

RICHER POORER – Socks it to ya!

If your socks look as drab as Edmonton streets on a warm winter’s day, then it’s probably time to wrangle a fresh new pair! RICHER POORER just arrived once again in Jaisel, and we want you to look sharp for the coming holiday season. Don’t get caught at your Christmas party with bland black socks […]

HAPPY SOCKS – Stand Out in a Whiteout

It may feel like your headed to the gulags everyday this winter – uphill both ways in a foot of snow – but at least you’ll be headed to work looking happy. Jasiel has just received its new shipment of Happy Socks to make sure you feel as happy as you look. Carrying many new designs […]

J.Fold – Fall/Winter 2012

J.FOLD’s guys-only approach to fashion accessories is inspired by the contemporary aesthetics of industrial design, vintage cars, and classic sneakers. As a result, you’ll find their creations in design stores such as Museum Modern of Art Design Store as often as you see them in the pages of men’s magazines. Above is a sampling of […]