Levi’s Commuter – What’s Your Ride Like?


Dear Edmontonians, Albertans – Canadians! – we here at Jaisel want to know how your ride with your Levi’s Commuter Series products. Do you skateboard, cycle, walk the slippery pavement of Edmonton with an intoxicated brain off comfort and durability?! Well, we want to know. Jaisel has been carrying the Commuter Series for a few years now and the desire and following for this product has shown us the spectrum of wearers out there, as well as the lack of comfortable and durable denim products for men. Comfort and style should go hand-in-hand, and we believe Levi’s has got these bases cover quite well. As one of the only stores offering almost the full line of Levi’s Commuter products in the Metro Edmonton Area, we are very excited to have just received our Spring shipment with more slacks and shorts being added to the regular assortment of denim jackets and jeans.


Let us know how you wear your Levi’s Commuter Series products and where they have brought you. Do you cycle more in them? Are you more comfortable walking around the city? Do you enjoy their versatility and durability to stains and wear? Let us at Jaisel know what you think, and don’t forget to come in and see what’s new for Spring.


Bike safe, Edmonton.

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